Tim and Jeff Ep2.5: AWESOMEtar or Avatarded

TIM AND JEFF talk in this podcast about Avatar, whether or not it deserves all this hype, whether or not one set of poultry ta tas makes Howard the Duck a bad movie, and if Dirty Jobs is indeed the coolest show ever. DOWNLOAD THE MP3!! Or visit the podcast’s homepage at www.timandjeff.com


100 Words or Less: January 4, 2010

. Kate Gosselin may star in her own Bachelorette-style dating show.  Interesting idea, but “Who Wants To Marry the Hateful, Overbearing Nag With Eight Kids From a Previous Failed Marriage” really seems like an unwieldy title.

. Holiday Weekend returns put “Avatar” in the top box office spot with $68.3 million (over a billion worldwide).  “Sherlock Holmes” squeaked past “Alvin and the Chipmunks” for second with $38.4, while the rodent comedy did $36.6 million over the weekend.